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What's Eating You?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Bonnie Crutcher, CHHC

What makes you healthy? Is there more to health than the diet you follow? In life, what’s eating you can sometimes be the driver of what you actually eat. And, even more so, what’s eating you can drive your moods and actions. Are you “reacting” to situations and those around you rather than “responding?”

Today, I ask you to consider what might be eating you. Is something weighing heavy on your heart? Maybe you are the most stressed you’ve ever been because of job loss, relationship issues, bereavement, and so forth. Life can bring you many situations to maneuver, and sometimes they are very difficult and painful situations or circumstances.

In nature, life is balanced. When we consider the seasons and the growth pattern of vegetation, the breakdown and the renewal, we can see a pattern. We can see the balance to life. To be healthy, we need to maintain a level of balance—spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

When my daughter was killed 16 years ago by a drunk driver, I didn’t eat barely a tid-bit for five days or so, and my body knew what it needed. I needed that fasting period, that cleansing and releasing period. Tears provided a way of cleansing, so that I could breathe in and take in new nourishment for strength and healing.

Holding in emotions can be physically devastating to our bodies. Toxins will build up that need to be released to avoid dis-ease. Sometimes we release the stresses of life in negative ways, such as lashing out in anger to those closest to us or even to coworkers. Road rage is one example of a negative release by someone who obviously has something eating them on the inside.

During these challenging times, statistics show that depression and suicide and even crime rates have vastly increased. We all are faced with change affecting our daily lives and casting a shadow over plans for the future. In the midst of it all, let’s not forget self-care.

My hope for you today is that you would take quiet time and reflect on whether something is eating you. Consider peacefully praying about it or find someone you can talk to who will be a good listener. Sometimes that’s all it takes. When we can discover what’s really eating us and then take some positive actions—forgiveness, conversation, compromise, reasonable adjustments, etc., we will be able to release those emotions and the stress that can affect our health and happiness. Only then can we continue with a healthy eating plan for nourishment that will renew, refresh, and strengthen.

Aim for balance of body and soul.

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