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Personal Health Coaching

When was the last time you confided with someone about your health challenges—someone who will listen, be compassionate, and encouraging?


When you work with me as your personal lifestyle and nutrition coach, we will explore all that feeds you in life. You will learn how your emotions affect your physical health. You will learn that health is based not only on the foods you eat and how much you exercise but also on your spiritual and personal relationships. We will explore how your daily environment and routine contributes to your overall health condition and discover what's been hurting you and what will help you.


You will learn what foods are best for you based on your bio-individuality and which ones to avoid. You will learn how to reduce stress, get more sleep, enjoy nature, breathe again, and reclaim your health and happiness. Perhaps you have a hidden allergy that we can discover and tackle or perhaps your doctor has prescribed a specific new diet regimen, and you're not sure how to start.  If you are ready to begin your health journey, schedule a no-cost, 30-minute health discovery session with me today. Let's have a cup of tea and talk about your health goals either in-person or virtually. 

Smart&Healthy Families Challenge (TM)

As parents, school days, holidays, and summer vacations can be extremely busy and challenging. Work and extra-curricular activities can surely jam-pack the weekly family itinerary leaving you stressed about how to handle it all and what to feed your family.


So, parents, are you ready to take the challenge and get serious about steering your family's health in a better direction?

  • Learn what's at stake for keeping your children healthy.

  • Learn how to incorporate more family time together.

  • Learn how to shop and feed your family what they need for energy, growth, and overall health.


You and your family can learn and create valuable, life-long healthy habits while having fun together with the Smart&Healthy Families Challenge.


E-mail me to get started with your family's challenge or if you have any questions at all!

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