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The Veganishta Tofu Scramble

About five years ago, my naturopath doc told me about the seasoning in a box called “Tofu Scramble.” I had been buying it occasionally and using it in some scrambled, firm tofu as a breakfast, as I’m allergic to chicken eggs.

About three months ago, however, I was a tad short on grocery money and did not want to spend the change on the box of seasoning. I also have had about a 90-bottle spice and herb collection that I was not using very often. So, I pulled out all the spices, etc., and found that I could make my own tofu scramble seasoning mixture. So now, it’s a habit. I placed all the necessary spices on a little silver rack right on my counter near the stove so they’re handy. I scramble up some tofu–mash it around with a fork in a bowl, then I grab the spices one by one and sprinkle them in. It is terrific! You can’t say I’m not getting a healthy dose of tumeric and other beneficial seasonings in my diet now. My combination consists of a few dashes of celery seed, cummin seeds (ground in the palms, until I get one of those pestle and mortar sets), curry powder, tumeric powder, some ground ginger, and a tiny sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Then I throw in some frozen spinach (drained). I made this tonight for my dinner and I added some finely chopped Roma tomatoes and red onion to the mix. Everything tasted great as usual.

I am going to have to replenish my spice supply now. Since doing this “veganish” thing faithfully for three months, my supply is dwindling down fast. But that’s a good thing!

Luckily, tonight, I grabbed my camera, and so here is a photo of my plate with my scramble, some leftover cucumber/tomato salad, and Ezekiel bread toast. Sorry about the blurry blob in the photo; I think I have to clean the lense on my camera.

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