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Soup’s Up

What to make for dinner tonight turned into a “toss it in the pot” and “serve it hot” meal.

A Veganishta version of pasta e fagiole was born. Water, vegetable stock base, small shell pasta, white cannellini beans, canned diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and onion made its way into the pot. Sauteed diced yellow onion and fresh ginger also jumped into the mix. Several shakes of some sweet basil and some white pepper along with a few pinches of sea salt topped it all off. Then the asparagus made its way in, and the meal was complete. Simmered for only 20 minutes and served hot, this fast soup creation had a nice light broth, but proved tasty and satisfying for both The Veganishta and her Veganishter.

Not always so unique, but easy and quick, The Veganishta likes to share how delicious meals can be created from food stuffs on hand.

Until next thyme, The Veganishta

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