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Soup Again Today

Yes, it was soup again today, leftover from yesterday. And it is over 100 degrees here outside. This came about yesterday, as I decided not to chance having to throw away the leftover potatoes and carrots from Sunday’s dinner. So I made a soup for lunch. I added some water to the pot and spooned in the leftover roasted potatoes and carrots, turned the burner on to a slight boiling level, then simmer, then cut up a little bit of onion and celery and tossed them in. I simmered the soup down; mushed everything with a potato masher, then pureed it in the blender. I then put it all back in the pot, added some coriander and tarragon and some white pepper. After simmering again for about 10 minutes, I tasted it and it was quite peppery hot.  I was not sure what to do but then put in about 16 drops of liquid Stevia. That did the trick. Another delicious meal while saving money and food and maintaining a healthy diet.

My daughter and granddaughter came over today for lunch, and we all had some soup and crackers. It is a keeper recipe!

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