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Quinoa Sweet-Hot Stir Fry

Well, the hot weather in the desert is sweet, until the monsoons come, and then you sweat.

I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t created anything unique until this evening. It is semi-unique, however, as I did make a similar stir-fry a couple of weeks ago.

I needed to make something quick for myself, as we’re going to a party at  my daughter’s, and she will have nothing that I can eat. So, I made some quinoa, then did a stir-fry of red onion, garlic, daikon, zuccini, orange bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, and peas. I threw in some tumeric, some basil, some red pepper flakes, and some raisins. Oh, also I flung a couple pinches of salt in during the stirring process, along with a dash of celery seed.

It was a very satisfying meal for me. I have some So Delicious, Peanut Butter Zig Zag ice cream that I’ll treat myself with at the party. I can take it because my daughter lives just next door. That makes things easy.

Here’s a photo of this meal in my bowl. I know it’s time for me to create something special, so I’m hoping to do that by next week.

Stay sweet but not sweaty, The Veganishta

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