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Make Your Own Pro-biotics for Gut Health

Veganishta has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to make homemade cultured vegetables. As a health coach, teaching my clients about the importance of a healthy gut is a main priority for a healthy lifestyle, if not the very main priority!

During my “A Regular Gal” Healthy Weight Loss Group session this evening, we made a batch of cultured vegetables. I decided on bok choy versus green cabbage because I follow the Blood Type Diet and cabbage is a no-no for As. However, bok choy is okay! Yay, on our way. So, in addition to the bok choy, we added carrots, a sweet onion, and baby kale. For the brine, we used Body Ecology Culture Starter and mixed it in with fresh, organic cucumber puree and a little water. The colors were gorgeous; it smelled terrific, even with the onion. At the last minute, we decided to add our German and Swedish touch to it, so we added one gala apple. That will provide a lot of love for those hungry bacteria, and we will enjoy the taste as well. We are looking forward to it.

We were able to make 4 20-oz jars and one much larger jar, for a total of 5 jars. We’ll keep an eye on it in the warm cabinet and can’t wait to try it after 7 days!


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