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Leftover Lunch for Life

Last week, The Veganishta made tofu tacos for the hubby and herself, me! We liked them. I cut the tofu in little squares, but next time I think I’ll crumble it to be like ground (uggghhh . . . shh…. meat).  The flavors and all the toppings with the seasoned tofu were very good. I was super, super disappointed, however, to see that THERE WAS WHEY in the taco seasoning mix. Now, why in the world would whey or milk be necessary? I will definitely be making up  my own seasoning mix for the future tacos of The Veganishta household. I didn’t die, though. I’m still here, really. LOL

So, the next day, I was in a hurry for a good lunch. I had to get my veggies in. I took the leftover taco makings and threw them all back in a little olive oil in the skillet (including the lettuce), added some garlic, and a huge handful of spinach. I sauteed everything a few minutes, then poured it in a bowl. Then I added some Chia seeds, some Hemp seeds, and some raisins. Oh, I also added some leftover cooked quinoa and barley. Wow! It was a power-house lunch. I had so much energy that entire afternoon and into the evening. This dish had that very satisfying hot/sweet flavor along with all the needed veggie nutrients and added protein to boot. I can’t wait to make it again. 

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