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Getting in the Greens for Lunch

After reading Dr. Joel Furhman’s book, Eat to Live, I’ve committed to eating yet more greens in my diet. I already eat a lot of spinach, romaine, collards, turnip greens, and more, but thought I’d attempt the recommended one pound fresh, one pound cooked. That seems like a lot, but I don’t mind the challenge. The only real challenge for me is the additional or longer food prep time. So far, so good for as best as I’m trying. And I do like my green smoothies as well. That helps.

In addition, I have been cutting way back on my olive oil and Earth Balance Butter. I use the butter maybe only once or twice a week and much less of it on toast, etc. I am sauteing most of my recipes now with water, and that has worked out well.

Here’s a picture of my lunch bowl (10″ diameter; 3″ deep) filled with fresh organic romaine lettuce, Tuscan kale, carrot sticks, and topped with one apple chopped. No dressing! The apple took the place of the dressing, as I am also trying to eat more fruit. It is costing a little bit more and a few more trips to the grocery store, but it is worth it. I noticed my fingernails look as though I had a “french manicure” polish done. The tips are very white, and I believe that is a good sign.

Think Green Veganishta

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