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Smooth Going to Green Smoothie

This morning, I finally developed a system to make green smoothies with my regular Oster blender. It’s not a fancy blender, although I intend to get one of those monsters sometime soon. Trick is to put in the liquids first, then cut up your fresh kale and spinach in little shreds or pieces. This worked for me. I bought organic baby spinach leaves and just tossed them in as they were, but I did cut up the kale. Here’s what I made and it was smooth and tasty.

Veganishta Morning Green Drink 1 large leaf fresh curly kale 3 large handfuls of fresh, baby spinach leaves 6 oz. orange/pineapple juice 6 oz. cherry juice 1 radish 1 tsp. sushi ginger slices (pickled, from the jar, ’cause I ran out of fresh) 2 scoops “Life Greens” plant protein mix

Pour in your juices first; then add the other ingredients one at a time and blend; add the protein powder last and blend all again to your desire of “smoothiness.”

Enjoy and be healthy!

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