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Oats and Barley Scramble to the Rescue

For the last week, mom and I have been rearranging furniture, organizing, and cleaning. In the midst of all this new-year readying around the house, The Veganishta managed to whip up two delicious breakfasts.

I got to thinking, for the last ten months, I’ve actually also been “rearranging, organizing, and cleaning up” my insides. LOL Yeah, I’m laughing but really, I’m serious. Since making my green smoothies, I have more energy and my vegan diet has aided my detoxification process along. I’m thoroughly blessed by the wonderful food God provided for us and try my best daily to nourish my body as He would see fit.

Having always loved oatmeal since a child, and still do, I now just leave out the white sugar and add some extra goodies—diced apple, cinnamon, and walnuts. A little Stevia, if needed, adds to the tastiness. I have really grown to live okay without sugar. Really, folks, it is possible. I just had to take a picture of my breakfast the other morning, as you will see here—Veganishta Morning Oatmeal. I realize this oatmeal dish is nothing new and unique, but just wanted to share. It makes me feel good.

Since I’m out of tofu and trying to limit that a bit, I made another great morning scramble. My daughter calls me the “Queen of Stir-Fry,” ’cause it seems I do a lot of it. So, instead of tofu or quinoa, I decided to cook some barley. I added some of my usual ingredients and dished up some good scramble. I shoved some in the face of the Mister, who immediately poured barbecue sauce on it (to disguise the taste of the spinach), but he ate it all and was strengthened plenty for his mountain hike. I had learned that the Roman gladiators ate barley before a contest. The Veganishta Barley Scramble fed us plenty of protein and other needed nutrients to get our day going.

Veganishta Barley Scramble 1/2 cup uncooked barley (makes 1-1/2 cups cooked) 1/4 of a large yellow bell pepper sliced or diced 1/4 of a large red bell pepper sliced or diced 1/4 cup of sliced or diced red onion 2 tsp. fresh cumin, ground with the mortar and pestle 1/2 tsp. tumeric 1/4 tsp. red chili pepper flakes sea salt to taste 2 cups fresh or frozen leaf spinach

Saute red onion for one minute in olive oil; add bell peppers and saute all for two minutes (medium heat); add the seasonings, stir, continue sauteing on low-med heat; add the spinach for the last minute. Then turn heat off; add the barley and scramble it all together. Serve with toast (Ezekiel bread is good). I use Earth Balance (soy free) butter. Be strong for the day!

The Veganishta

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